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A charity event raises funds when the audience understands and appreciates the cause. How can entertainment help you with this? What kind of entertainment would be best suited?

Charity events are champions of serious issues, fundamental causes and so much more. Some feel that an entertainment factor would divert the focus of the audience and reduce the spotlight on the cause. However, it has been shown that events actually enhance the cause, bring more attention to it and help your audience understand what it is.

Championing a cause, putting your heart and soul into it and letting the world know is no easy task. But watching your cause be lost on people is at quite another level of difficulty. No one likes to visit commonplace charity events anymore. Watching the same agenda play through with a different cause loses its sheen after a point.

This is why charity event planners have started using entertainment. This not only keeps the audience engaged and attentive, it even brings a unique and fun twist to something somber. Charity events require this as fundraising is no easy task. Making your audience feel like they have had a good evening with you, gives them a reason to work with you further.

Charity event entertainment can be a tough aspect to decide. The entertainer has to be interactive, engaging yet their set should find a way to highlight your cause. Not all entertainments can do such a thing. One entertainment idea which resonates for charities is stand up comedy.

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Why stand up comedy is a great entertainment idea for charity events?

  • People resonate with comedy
  • It is suitable for all age groups
  • The set can be modified to your cause
  • It keeps the audience attentive

Stand up comedy is something people resonate with easily. Whether it is a joke or even observational comedy, it happens every day to everyone and audiences are quick to let themselves be taken over by waves of laughter. As a charity event entertainment as well, it sets a good show.

The biggest benefit of comedy is that this is a kind of entertainment you don’t have to censor. Suitable for all age groups, easy to understand and relate to, stand up comedy has become one of the best entertainment ideas for charity events in Canada. Mark Crocker himself has been a part of many and loves to champion causes in his sets.

Comedy is easy to modify. This facilitates the fact that at no point will your cause be thrown off into the darkness. Highlighting your cause, personifying it and helping the audience become aware of it can all be done with a stand-up comedy set as part of your charity event agenda!

Stand-up comedy as entertainment at a charity event even ensures that your audience doesn’t fall asleep and miss out on signing their cheques! A laughing, happy and open audience can help you ring in more money and give your cause the financial momentum it needs!

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Event entertainment has become an integral part of corporate meetings and parties. Is your corporate event idea good enough to impress? What can you do to make your event a hit?

Any event, whether corporate or not, has entertainment. The reason why the “event entertainment culture” has taken off and become so popular, is because no one likes to go to an event where they don’t have even a bit of fun.

Event planners are well aware of the fact that the success of a corporate event lies in how well the guests were treated and how well they were entertained. The event should be presented in a beautiful and impressive manner while still focusing on the reason the event was convened.

But how does one go about ensuring that their event entertainment doesn’t just show promise but actually delivers?

The ultimate entertainment checklist:

Entertainment can heighten the standard of your event. But the success of the entertainment depends solely on the entertainer. Here is a checklist of questions to ask before you hire entertainment.

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  • Have you heard of the entertainer?
  • What is their skill?
  • How have their previous events been?
  • Can they match your audience set?

The more the entertainer and their entertainment are known, the more your audience will engage with them. You don’t have to hire the most expensive entertainer out there, but hiring someone who has done a few shows and knows how to handle large crowds, definitely smooths out the process.

Entertainers like Mark Crocker are known for adding a twist to comedy with ventriloquism. He not only entertains but is great at keeping the audience engaged. This skill set usually works well with any audience. Ensuring that your audience will love the entertainment and connect with it can definitely give you better reviews.

Experience matters even in entertainment. An entertainer, like Mark Crocker, who is experienced can give your event a professional, smooth and non-stop entertainment. They can easily let you know how they want to progress, what they expect from your end and other aspects relating to the entertainment.

Knowing how their previous events have gone, can give you an insight into what to expect. Talk to their previous clients and understand how the entertainer is to work with, how they perform and other such aspects. This can help you understand whether they will be suitable for your audience.

The audience is the main focus of your event. The purpose of your event, while important, would be soon forgotten and lost in the darkness if your entertainment doesn’t shine a light on it and please the audience. Capturing their interest can prove to be quite tough if your entertainer is not someone who can adjust to the needs of the clientele.

Talking to the entertainer beforehand can help you and them adjust their set according to the event and the audience thereby garnering more praise and attention to your cause.

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Any event is incomplete without entertainment! And the options are many! But what should you consider before you set out to hire event entertainment? Find out the answer below!


Any event planner knows that the key to keeping the audience happy and attentive is having the right kind of entertainment, something which adds to the theme while also making sure that the message is delivered in the right way!

The process to hire event entertainment, while simple, requires the consideration of five very important aspects. These aspects could help you narrow your search for an entertainment as well as ensure that it is strictly beneficial to your event!

5 things to consider before you hire event entertainment:

  • Do they have the right experience?
  • Will they be able to connect with your audience?
  • Are they within your budget?
  • Can they match their set to your event’s theme?
  • Will the requirements for their act be doable?

Experience speaks volumes. The higher the years of experience, the higher you can expect their professionalism and quality of entertainment to be. Canadian stand up comedy artists like Mark Crocker pack a good number of years in their experience column! Hiring an experienced professional as your entertainment could increase the chances of your event being a success!

The reason an event planner needs to hire entertainment is to stop their audience from participating in the “who can sleep longer” contest! If your entertainer is unable to connect with your audience, you could be losing all of them to the allure of deep sleep! Comedy is one such entertainment type which appeals to all kinds of audiences and ensures that your event isn’t attended by sleeping champions!

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A high budget event attracts a high class audience. Giving them a low budget entertainment could result in quite a flop! We don’t expect you to go outside your budget to spend for entertainment. But planning a budget which meets the scale of your event and allows you to hire a good entertainer is important. Pricing should be the first thing you discuss with your entertainer!

While dance may be a great entertainment idea for an awards ceremony, it may not speak to an audience gathered at a corporate event. Choose your entertainment according to the age group and taste type of your audience. It can save you from a lot of embarrassment! One entertainment idea which suits all age groups and is appropriate for most types of events in comedy! Hiring a comedian like Mark Crocker is a safe bet!

Every act requires props! A DJ can’t perform without his music set, dancers can’t perform without the right kind of lights and sound! It is important to assess the needs of the entertainment and then decide whether they fit your budget and can fit in the space you have for the event as well. Comedy acts do not require such heavy equipment and props! If you are doubtful about hauling props to your event, comedy is the way to go!

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The winning factor in every corporate event is the entertainment! How do you find the right one? We’ve put together five tips to help your corporate event stun with the perfect entertainer!

Entertainment is what keeps a corporate event lively! Hiring the right entertainment act can be the reason your event is successful! The process of finding the right entertainment is an art. There are decisions to be made, planning to be done, and entertainers to be hired!

Corporate entertainers are in abundance, but which one is the right fight for your audience or your theme or your boss’s taste? It definitely isn’t easy but that doesn’t mean we haven’t broken it down for you! Five small tips from us can be a giant leap for corporate entertainment!

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The 5 tips to getting corporate entertainment right:

  •         Be audience specific
  •         Consider the age groups
  •          Be extra but just enough
  •          Have a pre-show
  •         Order the right equipment

Your corporate entertainment is mainly to keep the audiences attentive so if it isn’t chosen according to your audience’s taste then it just defeats the purpose. Assessing your audience can give you the best idea of what your corporate entertainment should be! Comedy acts with popular artists like Mark Crocker can actually be one of the safest options for any audience!

Age groups are important. Corporates usually have employees and employers of mixed age groups. Your corporate entertainment idea should be one which suits the taste of the older and younger employees alike. Stand up comedy is usually loved and appreciated across all age groups. You could even have a dance show or a light show.

The extra element in your event is what will set it apart from the many corporate events conducted every year. Pull all the stops but also know when to stop. You need to present an event which the attendees will not forget but also keep them on the topic! Knowing just where to draw the line is very important!

Check everything! Even your entertainment. Comedians like Mark Crocker usually showcase a sample of the set before the actual performance. This can help you modify content to your needs and ensure that it matches your demands. It could help you avoid any unexpected mishaps!

If your show starts off on the right note and then buries itself in the dust later on because you don’t have the right audio visual equipment to support it, it could get really embarrassing. Contacting your corporate entertainer and ensuring that you are equipped for their act and any other event on the agenda can even help you ensure things don’t spiral out of control!

Corporate entertainment needs to be appropriate in its presentation and delivery. Hiring professionals and going with ideas which have worked in the past such as comedy are great paths to take. Mark Crocker, a comedian, adds something extra to his act with ventriloquism! This means you can add something in your event to leave the audience with a twist while playing it safe!

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A good cause deserves a good entertainment! Charity fundraising events don’t always have to be boring! Need ideas to add a twist to your event? Read on to find out how you can do just that!

Charities are done everywhere, usually with causes which are of great importance. Every organization needs funding to function, to propagate their methods, activities and agendas so that they can make a difference in the field they have created the charity for!

Charity fundraising events are usually a very somber affair. These days, however, people tend to spice it up with a few acts from comedians and ventriloquists like Mark Crocker! Your audience will definitely be more generous to shell out their hard earned cash when they are laughing uncontrollably!

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Donors are human. And just like every human, too much serious talk can make them lose interest in the subject thereby making your event just another money hungry case. If you really want to grab their attention, make them want to shell out, you need to find a sure fire way to do it! Standup comedy and ventriloquism has definitely proven to be a winner!

5 Reasons to choose comedy for your charity fundraising event!

  •  Tell your story in a way that keeps your audience captivated
  •  Highlight your points easily
  •  Keep your audience attentive
  •  Stand out
  •  Gain more for your cause

Any charity needs to let their donors and benefactors why they came into existence, what they work for, their wins, their achievements and more! But preparing a slide and rattling through a long list can make your audience less interested.

Telling your story in a humorous way, with a set you have seen over, adjusted to your taste, however, can keep your audience engaged and still get the point across just the way you want! This even helps you highlight the important points in the right way.

When your audience is attentive, they retain more, they respond more, and they feel more. Donors need to appreciate and understand your cause, they need to feel connected to what you stand for, what you work for! Humor keeps them engaged and also helps them relate!

The best part of hiring a comedian like Mark Crocker for your charity fundraising event? You get to stand out from the other charities! While everyone is being monotonous and serious, you get to bring joy and yet stand strong on your ideals! Your event will definitely be the talk of the town and get you more donors!

Charity fundraising ideas are aplenty. Finding one which works, however, is not that easy! But comedy? Laughter? This works. Everybody loves happiness and that is exactly what Mark Crocker brings to the gathering! Make your cause count and gain more for your cause the fun way!

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