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How To Ensure a Good Fund Raiser in Canada?

A fundraiser in Canada is an event to raise money for the purpose of charity or a cause. The donations are requests made by the fundraisers to the philanthropists, where the fundraiser showcases the cause and why is there a need for the money. Traditionally, in Canada, fundraisers would not exist, while now, they have become a promotional activity in which charities are done.

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To ensure a good fundraiser event, it should be appealing to the people who are all present in the event. There could be many methods to present an approach to why charity is required for the cause. Newly, humor is a trending way through which the fundraisers present their thesis of charity, in which they cover both, sense of humor and appeal to the people so that they resort to gratuitous contributions. The impact of humor is higher than formally making requests and showcasing the cause.

Given below are the points one should incorporate in a fundraiser in Canada

  • Define and Stick to the Message

No act done in the fundraiser should be bizarre or out of scope from the perspective of the agenda of the event. The audience should get a great sense of what the message is and how their contributions can make a great impact.

  • Maintain a Schedule

A schedule punctual in time and majestic in itself is necessary as the event needs to be professional and influencing, with respect to the audience's precious time.

  • Reach Out to Everybody

The constitution of the audience needs to be kept in mind so that the event in all is able to address and inspire each category of people present at the fundraiser.

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How Much Does the Artist Really Matter in Casino Entertainment?

Casino Entertainment refers to the entertainment activities that happen in a casino apart from the gambling activities. Gambling is why a casino exists, but Casino entertainment is why people would still enjoy at the casino, while the may be losing. There are many activities that are done under casino entertainment, where most notable are the performance by artists. If seen practically, the artist performing at the casino could add a lot to the casino's revenues.

Listed below are the important traits of an artist for casino entertainment 

  • Has A Voice

The artist should have a reputation for his work. He should have a history of an appeal of his own in the crowd so that the casino audience is interested in his act and rely on his voice. 

  • Has Charge of the Atmosphere

The people at the casino may be deeply involved in gambling and some may also have exceeded their drinking capacity, but the artist should be in the minds of all. The act of the artist needs to be as a driver of their mood and keep the audience tuned.

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  • Has a Plan

For his act to be a real casino entertainment, a plan needs to be in place which caters to the people in all moods at a casino and any emergencies that may occur at a casino.

  • Becomes the Host

Lastly, an experienced artist is a must for casino entertainment since his experience speaks up in any situation arising at the casino. To say, he is a host at the casino. Ensure your artist can be spontaneous and always have an improvisable script.

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Standup comedians in Canada

Give your event the extra glamour it needs with the funniest standup comedians in Canada!

Any event, be it corporate, festive or charity definitely requires someone to stop the audience from becoming a pair of uninterested crickets! And who better than a standup comic?

A standup comedian performs in front of a live audience and makes sure their interest in the event does not die! They work towards keeping them engaged and attentive thereby giving the purpose of the event a more fresh reception!

If you have ever planned a party, you are aware that a bored audience would only get you bad reviews. Whereas, a happy audience gives more freely, both reviews and donations!

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So, how do you really go about hiring a standup comic?

  •  Hiring sites
  •  Bookers
  •  Comedian’s website

In Canada there are multiple options for you to hire a standup Comedian. Site like “Gig Salad” and “Corporate Entertainers” have a vast list of comedians who have varying degrees of experience and are well versed in different types of gigs.

Bookers are the second and most preferred way for the residents of Canada to hire a standup comedian. This is because it reduces the amount of negotiations and also comes with other perks such as handling of ticket sales, etc.

With a booker, however, you must be a little cautious. Some lazy bookers tend to let you choose by offering you a rate card. Now this may seem beneficial, but you are actually choosing standup comedians with lesser experience who may not be right for the show.

Before you hire a standup comedian make sure you look at their portfolio and their reviews. This would clear up the idea of how much they can relate to your cause.

The most surefire way of finding a comedian who resonates with you is to go to their personal website. Comedians like Mark Crocker emit the confidence you need to hire them for your event. They have a history of professionalism and success!

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Charity event Toronto | Charity event Canada, Ontario - Mark Crocker

Comedians who do charity events

Campaigning a cause, getting the sponsors and hosting fundraisers is already tough! But making sure your message is put across and remembered doesn’t have to be!

Organizing a charity or fundraiser requires so many aspects to be fulfilled and thought of and you work your heart out for the cause you are campaigning. But 90% of your attendees are unlikely to think about the cause or the event much after they leave.

A lot of people are employing comedians and other such entertainers to make the message of the charity event more memorable and for it to leave a lasting impact. This has proven to be beneficial in many cases and prospective patrons are more likely to remember the time “they got a stitch in their side from laughing too hard” than the monotonous presentation.

What should you know while hiring a comedian for a charity event?

The right comedian to be the face of your cause and charity event can help you turn fate in your favor! Here is a checklist of what you should discuss with your possible choices before you finalize them!

  •  Can they adjust to the material?
  •  Are they available at the required time?
  •  What is their experience and expertise?
  •  How much are they expecting as fee?

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These questions pretty much form the base structure of hiring an entertainer for your charity event! The key to getting the best comedian at the best rates is to finalize them at the earliest. This would even give them and you time to go over the material for the show and plan the sequence of events.

They may have special requirements to enhance the quality of the show and it would be wise to discuss this before hand and make the required arrangements!

Mark Crocker is one of the most well-known comedians in the industry. He is an expert ventriloquist as well, which means he can add the extra “oomph!” you require to make your charity event memorable!

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Corporate entertainment idea for Christmas party

Planning a party for your company during Christmas is no ride on a sleigh! Entertainment is the key to impressing and you do not want to fail! Find out how to get the best ideas for your corporate Christmas!

If you have ever been given the job to host a corporate event, you are well aware of how important the entertainers are! And if you are now hosting a Christmas Party, well, you are likely to be in quite a soup if you do not find the right entertainer who lights up the party like a Christmas tree!

Most party planners would suggest getting a comedian as the headliner. This makes complete sense because a comedian can definitely make the occasion merry and promote friendship with their light-hearted fun. And any true blue party planner knows that a simple “old man in a Santa Claus costume” isn’t going to cut it, not even with the kids!

How can you make your corporate Christmas party unique?

Ventriloquism is a reemerging art form which surprises and captivated audiences. Add to this the allure of comedy and you have the most unique entertainment idea anyone in the corporate industry could think of!

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The best part about hiring an entertainer of this kind is the fact that you can tailor the set to suit your needs. For example, if you have a theme to go hand in hand with the Christmas festivities, you could definitely ask your party entertainer to drive home the set with humor!



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