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Any event is incomplete without entertainment! And the options are many! But what should you consider before you set out to hire event entertainment? Find out the answer below!


Any event planner knows that the key to keeping the audience happy and attentive is having the right kind of entertainment, something which adds to the theme while also making sure that the message is delivered in the right way!

The process to hire event entertainment, while simple, requires the consideration of five very important aspects. These aspects could help you narrow your search for an entertainment as well as ensure that it is strictly beneficial to your event!

5 things to consider before you hire event entertainment:

  • Do they have the right experience?
  • Will they be able to connect with your audience?
  • Are they within your budget?
  • Can they match their set to your event’s theme?
  • Will the requirements for their act be doable?

Experience speaks volumes. The higher the years of experience, the higher you can expect their professionalism and quality of entertainment to be. Canadian stand up comedy artists like Mark Crocker pack a good number of years in their experience column! Hiring an experienced professional as your entertainment could increase the chances of your event being a success!

The reason an event planner needs to hire entertainment is to stop their audience from participating in the “who can sleep longer” contest! If your entertainer is unable to connect with your audience, you could be losing all of them to the allure of deep sleep! Comedy is one such entertainment type which appeals to all kinds of audiences and ensures that your event isn’t attended by sleeping champions!

 Give your audience a laughter fest by hiring Mark Crocker as event entertainment!

A high budget event attracts a high class audience. Giving them a low budget entertainment could result in quite a flop! We don’t expect you to go outside your budget to spend for entertainment. But planning a budget which meets the scale of your event and allows you to hire a good entertainer is important. Pricing should be the first thing you discuss with your entertainer!

While dance may be a great entertainment idea for an awards ceremony, it may not speak to an audience gathered at a corporate event. Choose your entertainment according to the age group and taste type of your audience. It can save you from a lot of embarrassment! One entertainment idea which suits all age groups and is appropriate for most types of events in comedy! Hiring a comedian like Mark Crocker is a safe bet!

Every act requires props! A DJ can’t perform without his music set, dancers can’t perform without the right kind of lights and sound! It is important to assess the needs of the entertainment and then decide whether they fit your budget and can fit in the space you have for the event as well. Comedy acts do not require such heavy equipment and props! If you are doubtful about hauling props to your event, comedy is the way to go!

No hassle, just laughs! Mark Crocker provides the entertainment without the pain!