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Bob Izumi's

We've had quite a few comments from the show Bob did with you. People thought it was really funny and enjoyed it a lot. We do get a few comments from viewers on shows and we also hear it from people out in the public too. So great job. We thought it came out really well.

Bob Izumi

Consultant, Puppeteer
July 2004

Popular TV Series "DOC" starring Billy Ray Cyrus. Hired initially as a consultant, but quickly elevated to the roll of puppeteer. My extra puppet "Johnny". In scenes with Billy Ray Cyrus (Doc), as well as Ron Lee, (Dr. Crane)

Universal Pictures-Hollywood
July 2005

Mark Crocker worked as a ventriloquist advisor on the Universal Feature, "Silence", directed by James Wan renowned director of "Saw". We were very fortunate that Mark was available. He voiced the puppet "Billy" during the shooting period and gave him a personality.

Without his participation we could never have created the illusion of authenticity required to portray the character "Mary" as a master ventriloquist. "Mary" was played by the wonderful New York theatre actress Judith Roberts. Mark's efforts provided Judith with a fellow performer she could work with. "Billy" would never admit it but he will always owe much of his comic screen presence to Mr. Crocker. Mark had a natural understanding of the film making process and participated with enthusiasm. When he said, "what if we did it this way?" more often than not his ideas were implemented. His input was always in support of "Billy's" character and the performance. Should you be thinking of Mr. Crocker for a project requiring his talents as a ventriloquist please consider this my whole hearted recommendation. Dennis Chapman, Production Manager, Silence Productions Inc.

July 1995 – July 2000

One of the most unique talents I have had the pleasure of working with is Mark Crocker. Aside from being a genuinely funny ventriloquism act, Mark has the unusual ability to read any audience and adapt his material accordingly. Most impressive is the fact that Mark `s act is not only suitable for any adult crowd, but he can entertain families as well. Whatever type of show Mark performs, he is a proven comic and is the epitome of professionalism. Mark has performed three times on “Comedy at Club 54” and I still hear positive comments and inquiries as to when he will be appearing again. There are few comedians I will personally endorse, Mark is one of them. Guyatt Productions Comedy at Club 54, TV show

Principal Actor- National Advertising Campaign-Major Markets
June 2004

Mark Crocker is undoubtedly the funniest and most talented ventriloquist I have had the pleasure of casting. Over the years I have also gotten to know Mark personally and he is consistently impressive. I have no problem writing this recommendation or endorsing Mark as a ventriloquist! Brian Levy, CDC,IEP Casting Director BLC Inc. Toronto Barq commercial

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