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Entertainment on a cruise ship has always been welcome! Why is a comedian a great idea for entertainment when you are travelling the seas? Read on to find out!

Entertainment for any place never goes for a miss, unless what you have scheduled just doesn’t gel with the crowd! Being on a cruise, taking the sea in or simply enjoying the many new things a person may see can become monotonous after a while. So, where will they turn for their break? To entertainment, of course!

There are multiple types of entertainment that could be employed for your guests on the cruise ship to enjoy. You could have a lights show, magicians, a dinner theatre, pretty much anything your heart desires. But what would your audience want?

Audiences these days tend to flock towards comedy acts. They want to relax, sit back and have a hearty laugh to complete their day of seeing breath takingly beautiful sites. They want to go to bed happy and filled with awe. A stand up comedian like Mark Crocker would be the perfect choice for cruise ship entertainment!

Make your cruise a happy one with a comedy entertainer! Call Mark Crocker today!

Why is a comedy act good for your cruise ship entertainment?

  •  Diverse crowds
  •  Space
  •  Setup
  •  Time
  •  A happier experience

“Laughter is a universal language and our guests really love to get together and laugh,” says Chris Nelson

A cruise is a great place to find the most diverse of crowds, the many number of languages being spoken, the number of ethnicities is just so vast. Finding an act which can blur the lines and help your audience actually enjoy together is quite tough. A comedy act, however, checks most of the boxes.

Laughter does not have to be Chinese or Canadian. Laughter is just a form of expression of happiness. It is so simple for comedians like Mark Crocker to bring the crowd together with their brand of humorous and clean comedy!

With acts like a light show or a dinner theatre, you are going to have to consider the amount of space this may occupy. Sometimes it leaves a lot less room for the audience to gather. But with a comedian, you just need a stage and you are good to go. Mark even brings his own puppet!

The time slot for most entertainment shows is during or post dinner. What if your guests needed a little change in the evening? Or during breakfast? You cannot possibly have a theatre in the breakfast hall!

But that is definitely not so with a comedian! They put the funny in wherever and whenever! The show never stops when you have Mark Crocker running it! Your guests can be entertained regardless of the time and the place!

With so many things happening around, sea sickness, bad weather or any other mishap that could happen, or even if the cruise is just having the best day ever, adding a bit of humor to the mix can never go amiss. The audience would definitely love a cruise ship entertainment which does not require them to put in much effort, just smile and have a great time!

Make your cruise ship a space for laughter! Call Mark Crocker today to book the best!