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Clean comedy entertainment is a great way for you to loosen up and enjoy! Why resort to dirty jokes for your high standard crowd when you could get a lot of laughs without them by hiring Mark Crocker!

Be it a meeting or a banquet or a conference, your crowd would be quite a mix of the old and the young. It would be an embarrassment if the entertainment you have booked for the day comes with a few words or jokes which might seem a little rude or unwelcome in a professional meeting or gathering!

Clean comedy is something of an art! Making people laugh without having to resort to unwelcome jokes is quite tough! But comedians like Mark Crocker can do it with ease! As an event planner, you probably know that pleasing everyone is out of the question! But clean comedy can be a pretty safe bet when it comes to choosing an entertainment!

Hire a clean comedian who gets the laughs without the cuss words! Call Mark Crocker to schedule your event today!

Why choose clean comedy entertainment?

  •  Clean comedy is appropriate for any event! 
  •  Avoids the use of any kind of unwelcome jokes and language
  • It does not offend anyone
  • It is engaging and fun in a meaningful way
  • It will definitely get laughs!

Clean comedy doesn’t restrict itself to some age group, location or even audience! You can host a birthday party and call a clean comedian for entertainment. They can give your children a good amount of giggles while engaging adults with a brand of simple yet funny comedy!

It is even appropriate for churches and galas! Your bosses will definitely not be put out by a bit of good old, clean, relatable humor! Hiring a clean comedy entertainer enables you to even lift the limits of age and expand your location to seat more than if you hire a comedian who does not do clean comedy!

This kind of comedy will avoid the use of any kind of foul language and will allow your audience to enjoy an evening of simple and good humor! The best part is no one will be running after you to file a lawsuit because they got offended! You can concentrate on the event without having to worry about the comedian saying something inappropriate!

While foul comedy sure gets laughs from the crowd, you can be sure that it will be jokes and not anything a crowd can relate to! But with clean comedy, most of the jokes are experiences people have on a daily basis! It would be a meaningful engagement!

When you have got the right recipe for the right type of comedy and a comedian who knows how to get the audience riled up and ready to focus on your event with their full concentration, the laughs are bound to come your way! Clean comedy always makes the home run!

Call Mark Crocker today to get your event booked in advance!


Need to add spice to your event? Want to go from monotonous to fun filled? An entertainer would be just the right choice!

(1) Conference entertainment

A conference is usually dull, and most attendees tend to let their mind wander when you have a long day planned. If you have planned a conference before, you know you need something to keep them engaged and interested! An entertainer could be the perfect addition to your event!

Entertainers like Mark Crocker are experts at customizing their sets to the need of the client! If you would like your audience to get a few pointers and highlights of your conference stuck in their head, then an engaging act like Mark Crocker’s would definitely do the trick!

What does Mark Crocker bring to your conference?

  • Entertainment 
  • Engagement
  • Retainment
  • Enjoyment

Mark Crocker ensures that your audience isn’t sleeping in their chairs or letting the theme of your conference go over their heads! You can place is set in the middle, to let your audience refresh themselves and refocus on the message!

The engagement with the audience can help them retain the message of the conference with ease while ensuring that they are enjoying themselves! You could even end the show with his entertainment bit to help sum up the key points in a fun way!

Sum it up or break it down with the finest entertainer! Call Mark Crocker for your conference entertainment today!

(2) Meeting Entertainment

“Even the most seasoned planner will likely experience a misfire at one time or another” – Louise M. Felsher

It is very tough to plan a meeting which doesn’t bore the attendees and also gets all the points across. A meeting with a small group can still be managed but once it goes to a larger audience, even the best planner will be frantic for “out of the box” ideas!

Choosing the kind of entertainer which matches the mood of the meeting as well as the tastes of the higher-ups can be quite the challenge! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find one entertainer to fit all the bills?

Mark Crocker, a stand up comedian and ventriloquist can do just that! He can adjust his set to suit your preferences while still maintaining the enjoyment in the room! The entertainment quality will be of the highest standard when you hire an experienced professional!

For any kind of meeting, you need someone who has the right experience in handling large crowds. This person should know how to get the message across to the entire audience and yet hold their attention! A professional entertainer like Mark Crocker definitely knows how to do that!

Make your meetings more than just a gathering! Call Mark Crocker for the right entertainment!

(3) Banquet entertainment:

Banquets can go on for long or can be three hour events. Having an entertainment incorporated in the event could definitely make it one to remember! Whether you have an award show lined up or a cocktail meeting, an entertainer is never a bad idea!

You could put the show at the end to have your guests leaving with a pleasant memory or you could put the show in the middle to ensure that your guests are alert and ready and not just getting up from their chairs to go home!

Your entertainment section should not cloud over the reason for your banquet. It would actually help your attendees to focus on and understand your event better if the entertainment consisted of a show which could incorporate and highlight the ideals of your banquet in a fun and engaging manner!

Ventriloquism and comedy together definitely form a great entertainment idea for banquets! Mark Crocker, a professional stand up comedian and ventriloquist could spice up your even with the right mix of theme and comedy! He can plan his set according to your needs and also get your crowd active very easily!

Book the entertainment which will make your Banquet the talk of the town! Call Mark Croker today to schedule easily!

Want to prevent your gala from becoming a snoring competition? The right entertainment can keep your audience engaged! But whom should you hire and how?

When you plan a gala, you put your heart and soul into it. The decoration is top notch, you’ve made sure the catering is from the best in town and you definitely have made all the arrangements and obsessed over the schedule even in your sleep.

But if you haven’t got an entertainer who can keep your audience from turning their seats into makeshift beds, then your gala may just miss out on the “talk of the town” title!

How to hire an entertainer?

Hiring the perfect entertainer for your event is like rocket science for some people. But it doesn’t really have to be that tough. You can break it down into a checklist and start making inquiries.

What do you have to do?

  •  Decide what type of entertainer would be good for your event
  •  Talk about dates
  •  Decide what you want their set to signify
  •  Talk about price

Deciding what type of entertainer you want, is the most crucial step of the entire process. Most events would look for someone who can keep the audience engaged and also involve them in the process.

While some choose dance performances or LED shows, the most common, and proven to be a hit type of entertainment idea is a comedian.

Light up your event with laughs! Hire an entertainer today!

Why should you hire a comedian?

Well, first off, you can actually have them twist their set according to the event. This means that if you don’t want them putting your job in jeopardy by poking fun at your boss, you can tell them that! Comedians also ensure that your audience interacts with the event as such and brings a deeper appreciation!

Mark Crocker could be your perfect choice!

Mark Crocker is not just a normal comedian with a few stand-up bits, he even incorporates the art of ventriloquism! This ensures a unique entertainment for your audience!

Make your event something to talk about with Mark Crocker!