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How to hire a professional ventriloquist canada - Mark Crocker

Looking for party entertainer to spice up your party in Canada? Find out how to hire one!


Professional ventriloquist can really spice up a boring party or even a corporate event. If you are looking to make a statement in your party, then an entertainer of the out of the box arts is the best bet!

Mark Crocker can provide you with the best entertainment!

What is ventriloquism?

It is the art of voice modulation, with limited movement of one’s lips to project the image that the sound is coming from elsewhere, usually a “dummy” or “puppet”. It was a very popular art form in the 90’s and is now slowly gaining popularity among the new age. It seems like a different kind of entertainment to have and always piques the interests of the attendees!

When can you hire a professional ventriloquist?

Professional ventriloquists are a great fit for any party. They are usually hired for events such as:

  • Comedy shows
  • Corporate entertainment
  • Fund raisers

And the list can go on! Basically, if you need entertainment, professional ventriloquists are your ticket to it!

What should you discuss with your prospective professional ventriloquist?

  • Time and date
  • Cost
  • Duration
  • Background
  • How they can impact your purpose

The main things to keep in mind are how they will match with the purpose of your event. First things first, let them know of the date of the show and ensure that they have time to fit it in their schedule. Once the schedule has been finalized, other aspects can be discussed.

The cost of hiring or buying anything worthwhile is usually high. You can talk to your prospective professional ventriloquist on how their rates can be adjusted towards your budget and make sure you both reach an amiable amount.

The duration of their performance can be decided beforehand. This can help you to form a timeline for your event. Ask them to prepare a set according to the required purpose of your event!

Whether it is for a kid’s party or for a corporate entertainment, you should always make sure that the person you are trusting the life of your party to isn’t a runaway fugitive! Ask for a brief history of their life as well as their work history to see how they fit with your needs.

Every event is organized with a theme in mind. You can ask your professional ventriloquist to align their set to the purpose. Most of us understand and listen more to something which grabs our attention. With a professional ventriloquist working their charm towards your purpose, you can definitely ensure the message reaches you audience!

Professional ventriloquists are performers of a tough and different art. Hiring the best is a must if you want to impress the attendees of your party or event. So, pick up the phone and get the best today!

Contact Mark Crocker to highlight a party in Canada no one will forget!